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Q: What is the warranty your business offers with your window films?
We proudly offer a Nation wide lifetime of the vehicle warranty on all of our Automtive films, and a lifetime warranty on our residential films.
Q: How dark am I allowed to tint my car windows?
There are laws in place limiting the darkness or VLT (Visual light transmision) of the film that you can place on your car, there is currently a push within the tinting industry to create 1 limit that will apply to all states across Australia. There are many issue that can arrise from installing a film that doesn't meet the limits of your state. The current limit for a passneger vehicle is 35% VLT. You can view the films here on our Tint Simulator
Q: How much do your car tinting installation services cost?
We have a range of films that offer solutions for most budgets. You can view our price range at the following link.. Car Tinting Price range
Q: Hey there, do you guys offer a car tinting service?
Yes, we have a custom built workshop located at 20 Hobart St Richmond NSW. We have 2 tint bays that are set out with high volume lighting and cool panels for walls and ceiling to ensure the most outstanding final results.
Q: Hi there, I have some large west facing windows in my lounge room that get lots of afternoon sun which makes the room unusable come 3pm. Is there a window film that can help keep the room cool so my air conditioning can cope with the heat?
Yes. Window films are designed to reject (Solar Energy) heat when it is directly entering glass. So in your case, the right window film can reject around 70% of heat from entering through the glass in the afternoon, this will not only reduce the room temperature by up to 5 deg. It will also offer 99.9% Ultra Violet reduction and can also give full daytime privacy whilst adding to the aesthetics of your home.
Q: I am looking for maximum heat rejection as I am elderly and struggle with the heat inside the car during summer. Can you provide a light film that can cut maximum heat?
Yes, we carry a very large range of automotive films to select from. We have Carbon Black which will give a smooth black appearance and good solar peformance, we have Metaliszed films for a soft charcoal look and better solar peformance, and we also carry a premium range of Nano Ceramic based window films for best solar performance for the customers that want the best film installed by one of Australia's highest quality window film installers. 
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